Goal Assessment/Feasibility Analysis

It is critical to the success of your campaign that the organization do “due diligence” before being committed to raise major funding. The feasibility analysis process is an indispensable pre-requisite. It provides solid objective data without which your organization will operate with incomplete information. A successful campaign is built not on assumptions, but facts.

Typically, a feasibility analysis entails face-to-face confidential exchanges with 50-70 major prospects. At the conclusion of the six-week process, AFI presents a written report to your Board, including:

  • Critique of the proposed funding objectives
  • Realistic dollar objective
  • Appropriate campaign strategy, timing, and suggested volunteer leadership
  • Preparing the constituency for the campaign by pre-cultivating key prospects

The professional, third party perspective of an AFI feasibility analysis will provide valuable insight and opinions, as well as the needed data to make an informed decision. This process serves as a detailed roadmap, critical to formulating a clearly defined strategy. AFI senior partners review and approve each report prior to presentation to the client. No campaign will be recommended unless the findings and observations support the recommendations.