Our Philosophy

In this increasingly competitive climate, it takes more than a “warm and fuzzy”  feeling to attract major funding. Today’s investors expect results-driven  fundraising programs. For example, they are not interested in how many books you distribute in the classroom, but how many students learned how to read. Successful fundraising requires demonstrating the value and impact of your organization.

American Fundraising Institute (AFI) has developed a potent fundraising strategy in sync with today’s marketplace. The AFI model centers not on soliciting donations, but investments. Amid the myriad of outstretched hands, only the non-profit demonstrating outcomes will rise above the many outstretched hands of non-profits to secure private sector support.

The AFI model has been carefully developed. AFI tailors your development program specific to your needs, resources, and objectives. We pose and secure answers to the right questions:

  • Why invest in your organization?
  • What will be accomplished in measurable terms?
  • How will your program positively impact my community?
  • What is my return on investment?